NBA 2K21 Wishlist

NBA 2K21

Got some suggestions to improve the next version of NBA 2K game? What would you suggest to 2K Games and Visual Concepts to add to the game to make NBA 2K21 a better basketball game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming NBA 2K21 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at 2K Games.


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  1. NBA 2k21 WISHLIST

    1. PLEASE!!!! No more cinematic storytelling for the MyCareer mode. Allow the player the privilege of creating his/her own story by the choices made through a line a questioning. (Similar to 2k12 and 2k15). Add limited (1 minute) cutscenes before and after a decision is made because anything more than that in my opinion takes away from the actual game which I truly enjoy playing.

    2. Allow us the privilege of choosing a name/nickname from a list of prerecorded names that would allow the commentary/cutscenes access to saying the name of our choosing in MyCareer.

    3. May we please curate our own menu music and arena music. (Similar to MLB the Show). Allow us the privilege of editing songs to add to the menu music and arena music with reverb and other SFX.

    4. PLEASE!!! Lower the cost of aesthetics/cosmetic items especially shoes and accessories. NBA players aren’t spending thousands of dollars on one pair of shoes to play in-game. We shouldn’t spend thousands of VC on shoes to play in especially after we are drafted.

    5. The Draft – Keep the draft combine and depending on our draft position, allow us the privilege of a shoe deal immediately. Most picks within the top 5 have a shoe deal before they have played one NBA game. Allow us that luxury as well.

    6. One major aspect of the game is to vicariously live like an NBA player. Allow us the privilege of purchasing a home (Crib) and vehicles not simply a MyCourt. Allow us the privilege to walk in and out of our home (Crib) to the garage and into a vehicle. Similar to GTA and NFL 2k5.

    7. Allow Weekly or Monthly Top 10 highlight recap in MyLeague and MyCareer. (Similar to NFL 2k5)

    8. PLEASE!!! No more grinding please! Allow us the privilege of entering the draft at a 78 overall at the most and not a 60 overall. (Lebron James as a rookie was rated a 78 in the ESPN basketball game and is now the greatest NBA player of this generation) Allow attribute upgrades and badge upgrades to be easily attainable. Please!

    9. Allow us the privilege to add and remove hairstyles, headbands, goggles and face masks from NBA players as well as created players. Allow created players the privilege of tattoos.

    10. Allow us the privilege of every 4 years the opportunity to play for a national team of our choosing inside MyLeague and MyCareer. In MyLeague every 4 years we can decide what national team we wish to control. In MyCareer every 4 years we should get the option to decide whether we wish to participate or not.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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