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NBA 2K21

Got some suggestions to improve the next version of NBA 2K game? What would you suggest to 2K Games and Visual Concepts to add to the game to make NBA 2K21 a better basketball game?

Put down your suggestions, ideas and wishlist for upcoming NBA 2K21 game here. We will be listing your wish list here and will try to send it to the developers at 2K Games.

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  1. How about y’all make it for women can make a build for women who are women for they can play at the park you already know women can play with man to

  2. I play a lot of franchise mode, and my suggestion would be to start the regular season in the playoff bubble and then go into the 20-21 season. That way it gives us a champion to start season off. Also I don’t play myplayer mode much but I would like it to be a way to start off as a Michael Jordan type player come into the league starting as a star, rather than having to earn your way

  3. In the new 2k21 I would really appreciate it if we (the players) in career mode could keep our players we created. It would be awesome if we can transfer them for all the hard work we put into these guys. To leveling up to badges, our stats, and past effort on the court.

  4. Hope you improve the jump shot. When you shoot with perfect release it should be all net, instead hitting rim. Hope to see improvement on the ball going through the net more fluid.

  5. Instead of park rep, make mycareer like it was in 2k19. Make it so u have 2 reach 99 overall instead of park legend. Keep the same exact build system, just make it way harder to get to 99 overall. Take out park rep completely. Keep the badge upgrades how they are in 2k20 and please put crossplay in 2k21. Please change up how the neighborhood looks. Don’t change any of the controls for dribbling please. Please do not bring back the build system from 2k19.

  6. So I haven’t played 2k for long but here’s what I hope they add.
    – more variety in archetypes, so I can actually choose how I want my player to be
    – different blacktops like in the old 2k games
    – full whites should have a chance at going in like wtf I’m not gonna green every shot
    – offline my career
    – import player dna into my career builder
    – choose build and wingspan etc of our build more freely
    – more hairstyles and beards
    – custom uniforms or gear in blacktop
    I probably missed a lot cuz I only play myGM a lil bit and myCareer.

  7. my career: we wanna be able to have a point forward or any archetype we want. we wanna be able to created any type of players we want with no restrictions.

    new haircuts , beard styles

    we wanna be able to decide the body type of the player , shoulder width , wingspan,

    decide jersey, short length

    cost of accessories less expensive

    high school, college, nba, fiba, g-league, summer league experience

    training with skills coach

    crowd effect.. cheers or boos affect your player

  8. Change the MyPlayer builder system, 2K should allow us to create any kind of player we want regardless of the position (specially in terms of height and the physical attributes). The 2K MyPlayer builder is getting more specialized, and it’s only hurting the game, the attributes you can’t max stay pretty low, so as result you get players who excel at one area of the game but on others really do bad. The MyPlayer builder should be completely free, it’s reasonable that on online games the called “demigods” can be a disadvantage to the game itself, but MyCareer it’s an essentially an offline game, so it’s quite annoying to create so limited players that will compete with some real life NBA stars that have 50+ badges.

  9. nba2k21 should have new hairstyles like dreadlocks to dreads and adding tatto offline for mycareer or just creating a player and adjusting his/her tattos

  10. -Players make mistakes like travelling, airballs, technicals, getting ejected, etc. (not too commonly, just realistically)

    -Highlight reel and Shaq’tin a fool – you can watch these to see cool plays and funny mistakes just like real nba without watching every single game and instead just seeing the cool parts (could be randomly generated from plays or mistake ratings (see below))

    -Maybe each player has a rating of how likely they are to make a highlight play or mistake play for the reels and in game

  11. Let’s face it, MyCareer as a mode has become flat and is really only a feeder system to unlock badges and get to 99 OVR before going to the Park or Pro-Am or other online modes.

    For those of us who don’t play online, please have a separate offline MyCareer that actually lets you go through a whole career, where you start as a senior in HS and go thru state championship and then March Madness and your play through these tournaments affects your starting rating. Then go through the combine and private workouts and have all these things affect your draft position (if you’re a good enough prospect you can even elect to skip these like most top 5 players do). While going through this part of the mode, make it so you can earn personality badges (like alpha dog, team leader stuff, etc.) Maybe even have some players be your rivals or friends when they make the league based on how you treat them, and play against them.

    After the draft, make MyCareer almost like an RPG where you can do a bunch of mini games and workouts to improve your player, and eventually when you get older, doing these or not will help extend or reduce your prime. Bring back the schedule they had a few years ago where you could put up shots in the morning or go to an endorsement deal event, etc. But make it more nuanced where you have Action Points similar to MyGM where if you want to simulate these things you can assign points to lifting, running, shooting, drills, etc. obviously, if you actually do the drills/workouts you get more of a boost than if you simulate it. Speaking of simulation, bring back the play key games mode from a few years ago to allow the option to play 20 games in a season instead of 82. Make relationships with teammates, other players, coaches, etc part of the off the court grind. Maybe when you workout with a teammate or watch film during the season boosts or decreases relationship, and during the offseason working out with other players can affect FA. Also, maybe allow you to send a text of congratulations or a tweet after a big game stuff like that. Or you can talk trash to start and develop a rivalry. Have a mentor on the team (and maybe even have legends you can workout with in the offseason) and then when you’re older you can mentor the younger guys. Spending time with teammates or attending team events should cost Action Points depending on how long the event is.

    Add a MyCrib like the old 2K football games had where you can buy furniture and other things that allows a sense of customization outside of just a MyCourt, (with a trophy case for all the awards you’ve earned during your career). Have smaller cutscenes and moments that are actually relevant to where you are in your career: rumors of a rivalry, comments on a social media post, etc. Two days ago I had a 50 point 18 assist double-double in the 30th game of year two and the cutscene after was walking to the tunnel and no fans recognized me. Meanwhile I have A+ marketability and the #1 jersey sales in the league.

    Personally, I think the cost of aesthetics (shoes, suits, tattoos, haircuts, etc) should be reduced some, and if you have an endorsement deal with some brands you should get some stuff for free. Also, it’s kind of disappointing that Tissot isn’t an endorsement option and you can’t wear any jewelry unless you have a rep in Park or whatever other online modes there are. One thing that gets a lot of attention on social media is the outfits players wear on the way into the games. A lot of the time they aren’t suits, so we should be able to get weird with it like Russ if we really want to.

    Modify the archetypes so that you don’t have to limit your choices to allow for a more competitively balanced online game. Since this mode would be completely offline, being able to create a player similar to LeBron, Jordan, Kobe, etc. shouldn’t be an issue. The way badges are earned now is fine, but if the mode is offline there shouldn’t be a limit on the number of badges you can earn, but as your career goes on the amount of experience you get for specific things (dunks for example) should decrease and you should lose some of these. Speed and vertical should also begin to decrease as your career goes on. Also, progressive durability should be an issue depending on how many minutes and games you play. LeBron is still a beast but he isn’t doing all the things he did at 18 now that he’s 35. Also, I don’t know if it’s turned off but there should be an option for your player to get injured and then you dedicate time to rehabbing the injury and how you rehab affects how you return to the court.

    If and when you win a championship there should be audio where they won the championship last year etc and the banners you get should be visible in the rafters. Have an awards ceremony after the season where if you win an award you can give a speech and what you say can affect how many fans you get and the team chemistry.

    Personally, I’d rather have this than a six hour story with Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson that affects absolutely nothing for the rest of your career.

  12. U should make Kobe the cover of the new 2k21 Nd put all his greatest achievements moments like y’all did Jordan n 2k11
    Nd put all his greatest achievements moments like y’all did Jordan n 2k11

  13. Give me 2k19 and 2k18 with better graphics and hairstyles. Give us back the ability to unlock things by overall player progression not just by myrep. I don’t really play alot online so it sucks that I’m so limited on customization. Bring back the make your own t-shirt ability from 2k18. Lower the costs of gear, sh*** is ridiculous.

    Kobe the cover athlete, RIP MAMBA

  14. 1. i think we should go back to high and college and your rating should be based on how you play like real nba rookies are rated off there college play and regular nba players go up as they get better the starting should at least be 70.90 and if you do bad then it goes down like half percent and you do good it goes up half percent but if you do great then it should go up 2 percent.

    2. bring back jordan challenges and legend challenges(call them star challenges now) because thats way more fun then jus logging into 2k and playing myteam myleague and my carrer and play now like give us somethings to play other than that.

    3. bring us more parks like nba 2k4 there was venice beach, urban drive way, south beach, barn, ruckers, seattle u , etc bring those atleast back for blacktop and bring back 21 from 2k12 and you know fun things like that.

    4. plz add custom allstar weekend custom skills challenge custom allstar teams and custom dunk contest and custom three point contest i should eb able to do that.

    5. you should make a mode where you can use college teams like in playnow. like come on 2k give us something to spend 60$ to spend on also we should be able to transfer are progress over from 2k21 to 2k22 because nba players dont start over.

  15. 1)I want Creating a legend mode to be brought back the same way it was in 2k13.
    2) I want my career to allow us to use player DNA to make a play and that influences player comparisons.
    3) I want the Nba gm mode to make it easier to buy a team and become the owner of the team.

  16. I want mypark to come offline too
    Choice of offline and online career mode
    Triple threat in modes outside ultimate team
    All star weekend like dunk and 3pt contest in play now
    More teams,leagues,international teams ,olympics pan American games and more
    Slamball,high school,college and gym basketball
    More gym equipments
    House rules
    Outdoor games
    Want all previous nba jerseys like for sas jersey of Dallas chapparals and for all teams sleeved jerseys
    More classic teams like toronto 2018-19,Milwaukee,Okc and more
    More animations and more moves
    More basketball game modes
    Created team in my gm
    Fully customizable stadium in my league
    Story based career mode
    Custom uniforms in ultimate team
    World Cup,improve blacktop
    Ball choice and weather choice
    Extraordinary events happening like breaking of hoops

    A journey mode from fifa
    A mode like Volta,threes and ones
    Snow basketball or ice basketball
    WNBA franchise and career mode
    Real life basketball courts like Venice beach and more

    Kawhi Leonard as cover star along with luka doncic and Karl Anthony towns as cover stars
    Signature moves like one legged fadeaway,skyhook
    More signature dunk,shot and more
    Training mode

  17. I really believe they need the game to be more authentic, for example the arenas need to be more realistic. If they are not going to ever make the NBA Live series again, add some things to the arenas like the organ sounds at Madison Square Garden and Staples Center with and also those lights for the Lakers or the Clippers games that light up in their respective colors.

    1. I may have confused you on my last post. I would to see NBA 2K series have the real defense chants like each arena has for each team. I also would like to hear the real music like they play in each NBA arena such as the organ playing at the Staples Center and Madison Square Garden. That is about the only thing that the rival NBA Live did right and also their arenas and the lighting looked a little better too. They might as well do that since they probably will not ever make the NBA Live series games anymore.

  18. 2k should bring back the roughriders, flyers and ballers park, that was lit. They should allow us to grind easier, like lower the cost of the attribute caps.

    1. Really my only suggestion would be to add a way to buy homes in MyCareer and buy furniture etc to customize your house. You should be able to get to experience somewhat of what an NBA players life is like.

  19. Bring back offline mycareer With higher attribute caps. I would like to be able to actually create a superstar like LeBron or Kobe. I understand the caps are to make the gameplay fair online but not everyone grinds online to play in the park, some of us have lives and just want to play in the NBA on the game. I would appreciate a realistic progressive system that isn’t a money grab trying to make me spend money on VC. Also if I am not forced to play online I do not have to worry about all of the server issues and lagging trying to get through the neighborhood.

  20. NBA 2k21 WISHLIST

    1. PLEASE!!!! No more cinematic storytelling for the MyCareer mode. Allow the player the privilege of creating his/her own story by the choices made through a line a questioning. (Similar to 2k12 and 2k15). Add limited (1 minute) cutscenes before and after a decision is made because anything more than that in my opinion takes away from the actual game which I truly enjoy playing.

    2. Allow us the privilege of choosing a name/nickname from a list of prerecorded names that would allow the commentary/cutscenes access to saying the name of our choosing in MyCareer.

    3. May we please curate our own menu music and arena music. (Similar to MLB the Show). Allow us the privilege of editing songs to add to the menu music and arena music with reverb and other SFX.

    4. PLEASE!!! Lower the cost of aesthetics/cosmetic items especially shoes and accessories. NBA players aren’t spending thousands of dollars on one pair of shoes to play in-game. We shouldn’t spend thousands of VC on shoes to play in especially after we are drafted.

    5. The Draft – Keep the draft combine and depending on our draft position, allow us the privilege of a shoe deal immediately. Most picks within the top 5 have a shoe deal before they have played one NBA game. Allow us that luxury as well.

    6. One major aspect of the game is to vicariously live like an NBA player. Allow us the privilege of purchasing a home (Crib) and vehicles not simply a MyCourt. Allow us the privilege to walk in and out of our home (Crib) to the garage and into a vehicle. Similar to GTA and NFL 2k5.

    7. Allow Weekly or Monthly Top 10 highlight recap in MyLeague and MyCareer. (Similar to NFL 2k5)

    8. PLEASE!!! No more grinding please! Allow us the privilege of entering the draft at a 78 overall at the most and not a 60 overall. (Lebron James as a rookie was rated a 78 in the ESPN basketball game and is now the greatest NBA player of this generation) Allow attribute upgrades and badge upgrades to be easily attainable. Please!

    9. Allow us the privilege to add and remove hairstyles, headbands, goggles and face masks from NBA players as well as created players. Allow created players the privilege of tattoos.

    10. Allow us the privilege of every 4 years the opportunity to play for a national team of our choosing inside MyLeague and MyCareer. In MyLeague every 4 years we can decide what national team we wish to control. In MyCareer every 4 years we should get the option to decide whether we wish to participate or not.

    Thank you for your consideration.

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