FUT Division Rivals Rewards in FIFA 22


The rewards for FIFA 22 FUT Rivals competition in FIFA 22 have been revealed. The rewards are now available to be given to players who play this competition mode in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and qualify to receive them in FUT Rivals divisions and ranks.

FUT Division Rivals is an online competition mode in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team where the players play matches against each other in division tiers to promote to higher divisions in order to receive prizes and qualify to the FUT Champions tournament competitions. There are 10 divisions in FIFA Division Rivals plus a high-class division on top of them knows as Elite Division.

The prizes for FUT Rivals include packs, FIFA coins and FUT Champs Qualification Points. The minimum rewards a user can get from the lowest tier are Small Mixed Players Pack, 50 FUT Champs Qualify Points and 250 FUT Coins, where the highest are Player Pick, Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 1K of FUT Champs Points and 35000 Coins.


FIFPlay has published the complete list of FIFA 22 Rivals Rewards at their website and copied the above video to sum up these prizes at a glance.

Division Rivals rewards and prizes are being distributed to the participants every Thursday at 8am UK time.


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