FIFA 23 Team of the Week 27

TOTW 27 - FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Team of the Week is a weekly feature in the FIFA game series. Each week, a group of players who have excelled in real-world football matches are picked and featured in the game as part of the TOTW squad. The TOTW squad is normally made up of 23 players, with one player named "Player of the Week." Every Wednesday, the squad is released, and the players are available in packs for a limited period.

FIFA 23 TOTW is a popular feature among FIFA players, and it is frequently used to acquire high-rated and coveted players for Ultimate Team squads.

Here we have the list of FIFA 23 TOTW 27 available from 3 May 2023 in the Ultimate Team game mode.

  • TBA on 3 May

The list is coming from the FIFA 23 Team of the Week 27 page from the football community of FIFPLAY.

To play with TOTW squad in FUT 23, you get head to the FIFA 23 Squad Battles mode and challenge the team there. To acquire TOTW players, you can obtain them by opening packs in the game's store or by acquiring them from other players on the transfer market.


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