FIFA 23 Showdown Series – Players & SBCs

FUT 23 Showdown Series

SHOWDOWN SERIES will be available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team from Friday, 23 February 2023, featuring special Showdown players and SBC challenges.

The FIFA 23 Showdown Series includes daily Showdown SBC puzzles in which one player from each team in an upcoming match of actual football will be chosen, and it is only temporarily accessible in FIFA 22 Squad Building Challenges (48 hours). The winning team's player will have their OVR stats increased by +2.

Both cards will gain a +1 OVR enhancement if there is a tie. Play the Showdown Series to determine which players you wish to obtain by completing the SBCs in order to take part in the Showdown event.

Here we will have the complete list of all Players and SBCs Challenges from the Showdown Series, thank to FIFPlay FIFA 23 database.

Previously, during the World Cup 2022 competitions, a World Cup Showdown series was available in the FUT and there were over 50 players and SBCs for the World Cup competitions.


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