Changes to FIFA 22 FUT Champions Competition

FUT Champions - FIFA 22 Weekend League

FIFA 22 is set to be released on 1st of October 2021 worldwide and is available to be played 4 days prior to its release day as an early access by ordering the Ultimate Edition of the game.

As the most popular game mode of FIFA 22, FIFA Ultimate Team will have new features and improvements including amendments to its most favourite online play mode, FUT Champions, also known as the Weekend League.

Reportedly, EA Sports are planning some new fundamental changes to its FIFA 22 FUT Champions tournament to make it more fair and enjoyable.

FUT Champions is a 1v1 multiplier tournament style in FIFA Ultimate Team that is available as qualification progress in Division Rivals mode during the weekdays, then as the Weekend League on weekends, and as a series of EA Sports-hosted FUT Champions Cup e-sport tournaments.

One of these changes is expected to be the number of games a player gets to play in a FUT Champs competition. The current number of the game is 30, but EA is planning to narrow down this number to 20. Apparently, there will be 5 additional games to this number which are considered as the qualification matches. By playing these qualification matches and winning minimum 3 of them, you will be eligible to play in a FUT Champs aka. Weekend League competition.

There are also some rumours saying that division tiers are slightly modified in FIFA 22 FUT Champs system. It seems that Elite division is reserved for professional FIFA players and users who reach this division will not be relegated to lower divisions.

Details and news regarding FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is expected to be officially revealed in August, so until then we cannot confirm teh accuracy of these rumours. We will be reporting the latest updates on FUT 22 in our site, so stay tuned.


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