eFootball 2022 Season 2 – Things You Need to Know

eFootball 2022 Season 2

eFootball 2022 Season 2 update is available from 27th of May 2022, and it will be kicked off from 16th of June.

Here is a list of everything you need to know about the new Season 2 in eFootball game:

European Leagues Highlights (Clubs, Team Playstyles and Prime Players)

In Dream Team you can use "Team Playstyles" to bring your favourite strategies to life. Your squad will function as a collective and put up high-level performances if you hire players and managers who share your chosen Team Playstyle. Each player and manager has a favourite Team Playstyle, so choose the ones that best suit your philosophy.

The notion of "Team Playstyles" will be the emphasis of Season 2. Players with upgraded Team Playstyle Proficiency levels and unique card designs will be presented from European league clubs that have had a successful 2021-2022 season.

Season 2 will begin with select events between June 02 and June 16, 2022. Konami will also be running a special login bonus campaign where you can get your hands on eFootball Coins and Nominating Contracts, among other in-game things. These products will aid in the development of your players and the advancement of your "Dream Team." Get ready for the full-scale launch of Season 2 on June 16, 2022, by stocking up on rewards from events and login bonuses.

Power Packs for Dream Team

An emergency reinforcement of 11 players as well as training materials is required. Introducing a collection of one-of-a-kind booster packs that will undoubtedly give a spark to your Dream Team.

  • Premium Ambassador Pack (2 types)
  • Premium Club Pack 21-22 / Club Pack 21-22

Updates in Dream Team

The elements listed below will be included in Dream Team.


eFootball Objectives are challenges that may be completed by playing the game in a specified way and reward you with incredible prizes. With eFootball Coins, you can now purchase "Premium Objectives" and gain even more lavish rewards.

Legendary Managers

As a reward for completing "Premium Objectives," you can hire renowned managers like J. Cruijff to lead your Dream Team! Legendary managers will have a unique Coaching Affinity as compared to ordinary managers.

Multiple Game Plans can be saved

Konami will be introducing a new feature that allows you to save numerous Game Plans. As a result, you can now create multiple Game Plans based on the many tactics and events available. It's never been easier to manage and access your Game Plans.

Allocation of Suggested Progression Points

We will also be implementing the "Suggested" functionality to create a more streamlined Player Progression experience. At the touch of a button, Progression Points can now be assigned automatically.

eFootball 2022 Mobile Launch

eFootball 2022 Mobile version is also available on Apple Store and Google Play since June 1st. Similar to the main eFootball game, it is free to play.


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