Conan Exiles – Tips

Conan Exiles Tips

Welcome, Exile, to the savage lands of Conan Exiles ... Surviving and thriving in this harsh and unforgiving world can be a daunting task. However, armed with these advanced tips and tricks, you'll have the knowledge and skills to conquer your enemies, build magnificent fortresses, and leave your mark on the Exiled Lands.

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Strategic Base Planning

Having a well-planned base is critical to your survival. Take into account the geography, resources, and potential hazards in the area. Build on high terrain or near cliffs to minimize enemy entry locations. To bolster your base's defenses, use natural formations or build walls. Create many access points and exit routes as well to assure your safety.

Prioritize Crafting Stations

Crafting efficiently is critical in Conan Exiles. Place crafting stations close together to reduce travel time and increase output. Arrange them rationally, grouping similar stations together (for example, blacksmith, furnace, and tannery). This configuration improves resource management and helps you to process resources more rapidly, accelerating your progress.

Master Combat Techniques

Combat is a fundamental aspect of Conan Exiles. Practice weapon combos to unleash devastating attacks and take advantage of your opponent's vulnerabilities. Dodge and roll to evade incoming strikes effectively. Timing your blocks and parries will open opportunities for counterattacks. Experiment with different weapons to find your preferred fighting style.

Embrace the Thrall System

Thralls are invaluable allies that can greatly enhance your gameplay. Capture and break enemy NPCs to turn them into thralls. Assign them to crafting stations to increase production speed and unlock exclusive recipes. Additionally, recruit combat thralls to accompany you on your adventures, providing additional firepower and protection.

Investigate and Collect Resources

The Exiled Lands are large and resource-rich. Set off in search of rare minerals such as star metal or obsidian, which are required for advanced craftsmanship. To quickly travel across the map, use a map room or obelisks. Bring plenty of gathering tools, and be wary of the hazards that lurk in unexplored territory.

Discover the Map Room Network

The ability to unlock and use the map room network is a game changer. Set up map rooms in strategic spots to allow for rapid navigation around the map. For simple access, connect your base, resource-rich areas, and vital landmarks. This network enables you to respond quickly to attacks, efficiently gather resources, and explore remote locations.

Conan Exiles Gameplay

Tame Powerful Beasts

Domesticating creatures provides invaluable advantages in Conan Exiles. Capture and tame pets and mounts to gain companionship, additional storage, or enhanced mobility. Each creature has unique strengths and abilities, so experiment with different combinations to suit your playstyle and objectives.

Defend Against Purges

Purges are challenging events where hostile forces attack your base. Prepare by building defensive structures like walls, archer towers, and traps. Assign thralls and archers to strategic positions, ensuring maximum coverage. Stockpile resources and repair kits in advance to quickly address any damages inflicted during the purge.

Thrall Farming and Breeding

Certain thralls can be assigned to farm plots in order to cultivate crops. Make use of this feature to ensure a consistent supply of food and resources. Consider breeding thralls to produce stronger children with higher stats. This method may necessitate specialized food and breeding enclosures, but the results can be substantial.

Create Alliances or Join a Clan

Surviving alone can be difficult, but making alliances or joining a clan can increase your chances of success significantly. Collaboration with other players allows you to share resources, expertise, and defenses. Participate in PvP battles together or go on larger-scale raids. Communication and collaboration are essential for ruling the Exiled Lands.

With these advanced tips and tricks, you'll have the knowledge and skills to excel in Conan Exiles. Survive, thrive, and leave your mark on this savage world.


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