WWE 2K23 Controls

WWE 2K23 Controls

WWE 2K23 controls cheatsheet and button layout for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. WWE 2K23 is a professional wrestling sports video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC Microsoft Windows.

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WWE 2K23 Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Exit/Enter RingLS + RB (hold)LS+R1 (hold)
Climb Middle RopeLS+RB (press)LS+R1 (press)
Lean To Ropes for SpringboardLS+LB (press)LS+L1 (press)
Pick Up ObjectLB (press)L1 (press)
Wake Up TauntD-Pad UpD-Pad Up
Crowd TauntD-Pad LeftD-Pad Left
Opponent TauntD-Pad RightD-Pad Right
Toggle Primary PaybackD-Pad DownD-Pad Down
Move SuperstarLeft Stick (any direction)Left Stick (any direction)
PinRight Stick (down)Right Stick (down)
Re-Position OpponentRight Stick (left, right, or up)Right Stick (left, right, or up)
Change TargetR3 (press)R3 (press)
FinisherR2 + X (press)R2 + A (press)
SignatureR2 + Square (press)R2 + X (press)
PaybackR2 + Triangle (press)R2 + Y (press)
SubmissionR2 + Circle (press)R2 + B (press)
Dodge or ClimbR1 (press)R1 (press)
Pick Up ObjectL1 (press)L1 (press)
While holding an object:
Primary AttackSquare (press)X (press)
Secondary Attack or Place ObjectX (press)A (press)
Drop ObjectCircle (press)B (press)
Block With ObjectTriangle (hold)Y (hold)
When facing an opponent leaning against a table:
Lift Opponent Onto TableRight Stick UpRight Stick Up

Additional Controls

Here are some additional moves and controls:

Grapple System

To perform grapple moves and the new combo moves you first need to enter the grapple state by pressing B on Xbox or Circle on PlayStation. Once you're in the grapple state, you can press Light or Heavy Attack to perform a grapple move, or B again to perform an Irish Whip. The same must also be done for moves on the Ground, as well as in the Corner, Ropes, Apron, etc. The Drag & Carry moves are also performed after first entering the grapple lock-up state.

Combo System

In WWE 2K23, strikes work in the same way as WWE 2K22, with a separate button for Light and Heavy Strikes. After performing a Light Attack, you can start a series of 3 chained attacks with this new Combo System that has been introduced last year. Combos are then performed by chaining Light and Heavy Strikes, with Square + X on PlayStation, and X + A on Xbox. The final hit of a combo (Combo Ender) can also be a Grapple and deals bonus damage.

Climbing Ladders

To climb a ladder, press R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox. You can then move up and down the ladder by pressing the Left Stick up or down. To grab a title or briefcase from the top of the ladder, press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox.

Using Weapons

To pick up a weapon, press LB on PlayStation or L1 on Xbox. You can then use the weapon by pressing Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox. You can also throw the weapon by pressing Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox.

Performing Submissions

To perform a submission hold, press R2 + Circle on PlayStation or R2 + B on Xbox. You can then use the Left Stick to increase or decrease the pressure of the hold. Your opponent will try to escape the hold by pressing the buttons shown on the screen. If you can keep the pressure on long enough, your opponent will tap out and you will win the match.

Using Special Moves

To use a special move, press R2 + the button corresponding to the move. For example, to use the Stone Cold Stunner, you would press R2 + Square on PlayStation or R2 + X on Xbox. You can also use special moves by performing a grapple and then pressing the button corresponding to the move.

Using Payback Moves

Payback moves are powerful moves that can be used once per match. To use a Payback move, press R2 + Triangle on PlayStation or R2 + Y on Xbox. You can also use Payback moves by performing a grapple and then pressing Triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox.

Using Reversals

Reversals are a way to counter your opponent's attacks. To perform a reversal, press the button shown on the screen when your opponent is about to attack you. If you time the reversal correctly, you will counter your opponent's attack and gain momentum.


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