Watch Dogs: Legion – Tips

Tips for Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft's Watch Dogs: Legion immerses players in a dystopian London, mixing innovation and imagination to create a thrilling experience. To maximise your potential as you navigate this intricate universe, you must take a deliberate approach. This post delves into some advanced gaming tips and methods to help you become a skilled, unstoppable force within the game's framework.

Unlocking the Power of Recruitment

Perhaps the most innovative feature of Watch Dogs: Legion is the "Play as Anyone" mechanic. Here, any non-player character (NPC) in the game can be recruited to DedSec, your rebel group.

Diverse Portfolio

Form a diverse squad comprised of several archetypes such as Hackers, Infiltrators, and Enforcers. You can swap between characters dependent on the mission's requirements thanks to diversity.

Individual Abilities

Pay attention to potential candidates' individual abilities and capabilities. A drone expert, for example, can control drones (Watch Dogs: legion Controls Guide), making some operations easier. Choose people whose skills match your gameplay style and mission requirements.

Borough Uprising

Potential recruits with special abilities can be found in liberating boroughs. These Defiant towns will reward you with Skilled Operatives, which will greatly improve your gameplay.

Mastering Hacking and Combat

In Watch Dogs: Legion, hacking is your bread and butter. It's not just about combat but also how effectively you can manipulate the environment to your advantage.

Utilize the Environment

Take full advantage of the environment. You can utilize hacking to induce distractions, drones for monitoring, and traps to take down foes. The crucial factors are creativity and timing.

Stealth over Confrontation

Despite battle capabilities, it is often preferable to take a more stealthy approach. Hack cameras to scout the area, employ cloaking devices, and eliminate foes quietly.


Spiderbot is a very powerful ally. It can enter vents and small locations, and with upgrades, it can kill foes and download critical data.

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

Understanding and Navigating the World

Understanding your surroundings is crucial. London is a complex city with a lot to offer, and knowing how to get around and make use of your surroundings is a game-changer.

Currency and Tech Points

Tech Points are essential for improving your gadgets and hacking talents. They are frequently seen on rooftops or within restricted locations. Make it a point to extensively investigate and collect as many Tech Points as possible.

Fast Travel

London is enormous. To save time, choose subway stops for quick transit.

Side Missions

Side missions and chance events might lead to unexpected prizes. It is useful while interacting with citizens or completing Parcel Fox deliveries.

The Art of Selecting the Best Character Build

The Spy

The Spy persona has a variety of special skills and gadgets, such as a silenced handgun, a spy watch that may jam guns, and an invisibility cloak for dodging foes or completing objectives while remaining undetected.

Construction Worker

Having a construction worker on your squad provides you with the power to summon a freight drone. This drone can reach high places and act as an elevated platform during battles.


The paramedic can quickly heal your crew, reducing downtime for injured operatives. They also have uniformed access to restricted places such as hospitals.

Hacking Strategies

Patience and Reconnaissance

Instead of rushing into missions, spend time analyzing the environment and identifying key elements that can be hacked for your advantage. Camouflage and Distract

In high-risk areas, make use of the AR Cloak for camouflage and the Distract hack to divert the enemies’ attention. Take Control of Security Systems

Always aim to hack into the security systems first. It will not only give you control over cameras and traps but also enable you to call reinforcements, lockdown areas, and manipulate other networked systems.

Watch Dogs: Legion offers a wealth of opportunities for strategic gameplay. Whether you're hacking into London's ctOS, recruiting your next operative, or going undercover to infiltrate Albion, there's always a chance to improve and optimize your gameplay approach. The most important trick in your arsenal, however, is your ability to adapt, learn, and evolve your strategy based on the unique challenges that the game throws your way.


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