Tribes of Midgard – Controls

Tribes of Midgard Controls

Tribes of Midgard controls information and cheatsheet for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Tribes of Midgard is an action role-playing survival video game produced by Norsfell Games for Windows, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Tribes of Midgard PlayStation Controls

Tribes of Midgard Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Move L L
Zoom Camera R R
Evade Circle B
Interact X A
Spell 1 Triangle Y
Attack Square X
Spell 2 R1 RB
Spell 3 R2 RT
Build L1 LB
Lock/Shield L2 LT
Use Consumable D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
Communication Wheel D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Previous Consumable D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
Next Consumable D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Map Trackpad Trackpad
Inventory / Pause Menu Options Menu


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