SD Gundam Battle Alliance Controls

SD Gundam Battle Alliance controls guide and cheatsheet for Xbox, Playstation and PC. SD Gundam Battle Alliance is s an action RPG that allows players to battle Super Deformed (SD) versions of Mobile Suits from Gundam series and is produced by Artdink and Alvion for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and Microsoft Windows.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance Controls

Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Move L L
Rapid Descent L3 L3
Camera R R
Lock-on R3 R3
Action / Sidestep Circle B
Jump X A
Chain Breaker Circle + X B + A
Special Melee Attack Triangle Y
Melee Attack Square X
Subweapon 1 R1 RB
Main Ranged R2 RT
Subweapon 2 L1 LB
Guard L2 LT
Special Attack L1 + L2 LB + LT
Role Action L2 + Triangle LT
SPA Order (Partner 1) D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
SPA Order (Partner 2) D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
Repair Kit D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
Pause Menu Options Menu


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