Play with World’s Football Gamers in Footballizer World Tour Event

FOOTBALLIER World Tour Event

The Footballizer World Tour promotional event has been running since January 20th, and it allows you to compete against community players from all over the world for coins and rewards.

Play and complete the World Tour in the Footballiser game to make your team and club stronger. There are currently over 6,000 registered players at Footballizer, and you get 150 matches during this event to play with the selected users from different continents and challenge them.

Registered players can enter this program with no prerequisite. Users need to win each game to reveal the next one. There are 6 continents (storylines) to complete the event. By completing each storyline you will get rewards. You will get more than 8K coins and 9 club items when you win all 150 games.

Login to Footballizer soccer game and go to Home > World Tour page to start the program competition.


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