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Your Wishlist for NBA 2K24

With NBA 2K23 in full swing, it's impossible to deny how far the game has progressed over the years. Each each edition adds a new layer of authenticity, gameplay improvements, and innovative features that push the boundaries of sports gaming. But, as we wait for NBA 2K24, we can't help but fantasise about how the next installment could be even better.

As avid gamers, we all have opinions on how NBA 2K24 should be improved. So, let's make an NBA 2K24 Wishlist together. This is an opportunity for us to contribute our innovative ideas and suggestions for improving our gaming experience.

Write your creative and constructive ideas using the comment form below, regarding the gameplay, graphics & animations, MyCareer and MyTeam modes, online gameplay, the new features and game modes that you think should be added to the game.

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5 thoughts on “NBA 2K24 Wishlist

  1. i Think 2k24 Commentary Should Be
    Stephan A. Smith
    Kendrick Perkins
    Monica Mcnutt
    Malika Andrews
    Stacy King
    Adam Amin

  2. In My League or My GM I would like to see this feature

    1) Draft List (or Draft History) from 2024 to the year you are on, you see a draft list of all first and second round picks, with 31 rows and 11 columns for the first round, and 31 rows and 11 columns for the second rounds, above the top row lists either for example 2024 1st round picks, and then in the 11 columns first row has these categories (PlayStyle, Team Pick, Team, Player Name, Position or Positions, Height, Weight , College, Age, Wingspan and Player Comparison (I’ll show a sample below of a row) although it would be more organized when they do a table with html

    Playstyle Order Team Player Name Position(s) Height, Weight, College Age Wingspan PlayerComp
    2way 3 level scorer, 1st ORL Roger Davis SG/SF 6’8″ 220LBS Duke 19 7’1″ Vince Carter

    It also shows draft night trades as well

    2) Another Feature who is hot and who is cold at halftime, ( I think NBA 2k7 had this )

    3) Player as an NBA player like I think 2k12 had)

    4) Have college games (and select from 25-50 colleges even though I really wish the college game would get brought back and then transfer to the NBA as a game called College To Pro which then include all the colleges

  3. My Career Mode Changes I’d love to see

    Playoffs – Playoffs mean something, so why not make the playoffs not seem like its another regular season game. The crowd should be louder, you should be able to see the adjustments made from game to game and series to series if your progress further

    Finals – The finals should be a lot more meaningful than hearing Adam Silver do the presentation but you cannot see him or the team hoisting the trophy. Show the court, have interviews of the players and coaches to speak on what its feels like to win it and the hard work it took to get there. Have a send of season highlight recap.

    Transactions Portal – There should be another tab under stats that can show all transactions going on through out the season instead of filtering through the league news of junk to see what happens for free agency, trades etc. You hear commentary in the game of trade rumors but have no idea what they are talking about..

    Hall of Fame Mode – This mode has gotten easier and easier as your stats reaches 99. make it more realistic. The fact that I can only lose 5-10 games max every year even after I ‘ve lost some good teammates to free agency is not realistic. Allow for close games win or lose. Win margin season to season is between 19-30 pts differentials to teams I play. This not fun but the game play itself is great so i just go through the motions and set different expectations for myself to achieve to keep it entertaining

    Injury – My player should be able to get injured an miss games..I played 9 seasons of my career without a single injury and the fact that i can average 60 pts a game if I chose to ruins the whole process of enjoying the game because i can shatter every record and thats not realistic.

    Teammates – impossible to play 9 season and not have a single teammate make the all star game or average more than 15 – 20 a game. Make it real..I’m on a team with a superstar and they can consistently make jump shots back to back or miss layups or the fact that they can consistently shoot poorly for many games. This is not real..yes players can go on a shooting slump or have bad games here and there but for the whole season for the whole team? Allow for CPU teammates to have breakout seasons. Let the stats that they have actually mean something. A player with 87 for threes cannot shot 21% season to season especially when majority of those shots are are wide open. teammate take way too many ill-advised shots even. you cant be open for a layup and stop short and take a jumper. allow cpu teammates to be smart enough to see when a player is hot and feed them rather than taking contested jump shots as soon as they are given the ball. All this should apply to cpu opponents too. A big in a paint should be able to consistently bully a smaller player until help is sent and a switch is made.

    Commentary – Please make teh commentary dynamic. why have a career mode, ex..Im Washington Wizards..I’ve won the chip 7 seasons in row yet each year after winning and there is no mention of any of the wins rather how long its been since they won one. I get it MyCareer is about my player but if a teammate has a big game, they should be mentioned in the commentary instead of my measly 10 point game being talked about as if it was a big game.

  4. There is a need to further improve game physics, such as player collision, ball trajectory, and player movements. This would not only increase the realism of the game but also improve gameplay mechanics and player strategy.
    Many players would appreciate an improved online mode. This includes more stable server connections to prevent lag or sudden disconnections, and a fair and balanced matchmaking system to ensure competitive and enjoyable games for players of all skill levels.

  5. Dynamic Audience — To add a new level of realism, the audience could react more dynamically to in-game events. For instance, if a team is on a big run, the crowd could get louder and more animated. Conversely, if the home team is struggling, the crowd could quiet down or even start booing.

    Interactive Bench — The bench players and coaching staff could be more interactive during the game. This could include players cheering on their teammates, coaches strategizing and giving instructions, and injured players providing moral support from the sideline.

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