Grim Fandango Walkthrough

Grim Fandango Walkthru

The complete walkthrough guide for Grim Fandango and Grim Fandango Remastered. Follow the following step-by-step walkthrough to solve every puzzle in Grim Fandango video-game (PC, PS4, Xbox and iOS/Android):

Year One

Manny’s Office

  • After the introduction, you, Manny Calavera, find yourself in your office, staring at the mail tube
  • Take a look at the tube by pressing ‘E’ to examine it.
  • Press ‘U’ to open the tube. (Manny opens the tube and takes out a message from Don Copal telling you there’s been a poisoning.)
  • Pick up the deck of cards on the table on the other side of the room
  • Leave the office now.
  • Talk to Eva, the secretary
  • Use the following dialogue path:
  • #1 “What poisoning?”
  • #2 ” Where is it again?”
  • #3 “I forget, was I supposed to be somewhere?”
  • #4 “Yes”
  • #5 “Any messages for me?”
  • #6 “In my heart you will always be my secretary”
  • #7 ” I know you work for another man.”
  • #8 “Gotta go hit the bricks”
  • Look at the hole punch on Eva’s desk. It might come in handy later

The Garage

  • Go down to the garage and head to the poisoning. (Use the elevator on the left.)
  • Go to the workshop. (Go left and towards the back)
  • Knock on the workshop (press ‘u’)
  • Glottis comes out of the workshop
  • #1 “Hey, you a driver” Manny asks
  • #2 “I’m Manny Calavera”
  • #3 “Looks like I need a new driver”
  • #4 “You want to be my replacement driver?”
  • #5 “Come on Glottis. I need you to be my driver?
  • #6 “You’re not to big. The car’s just too small”
  • Glottis hands you a work order.
  • Go back upstairs and see if Eva will sign it.


  • Talk to Eva.
  • #1 Eva, I really need the boss to sign this work order. Copal won’t sign it.
  • Use the other elevator and go downstairs.
  • Turn left and head towards the large double doors. Open them up and exit to the street.
  • Outside (Alley)
  • Walk down the stairs and make a left.
  • Make a left down the alley.
  • Notice the blue eyeball thing looking at you.
  • Continue on towards the colorful rope.
  • When Manny looks up at it press ‘U’. He will climb up.
  • Climb in Don’s window (use the ‘u’ key).

Don’s Office

  • Look at the computer.
  • Press enter. (You get a close up of the screen.)
  • Choose, “Ah, cripes Eva! Just sign it yourself, will ya! I’m busy.” (Use your arrow keys to make the selection.)
  • Climb back out the window and down the rope. (You may need to press the up and right arrow keys to maneuver your way across the ledge
  • Go back to Eva’s desk to see if we can get our work order signed now.


  • Talk to Eva.
  • #1 Eva, I really need the boss to sign this work order. Don yells at her to just sign it herself.

Cut scene (Glottis drives Manny to the Land of the Living)


  • Look at the bag that is wiggling before you.
  • Use your scythe on the bag. Manny takes a swing at the bag and rips it open.
  • Up sits a very short skeleton of a man.

Cut scene (Manny gives Bruno an economy travel package)


  • Go down the hall and notice that Dom’s office door is now open. Let’s go have a little chat.
  • Enter the office. Dom is punching a bag.
  • Basically, you can use any conversation path you want. Ask all questions available. You do want to notice the blue mouth piece in his mouth.
  • Look around the office.
  • Look at his ‘red’ mail tube. Take a look at the desk drawers. (You can try to open them but Dom won’t let you.)
  • Go back downstairs.
  • Take the office building elevator.

Office building (Ground Floor)

  • Make a left. A large, purple maintenance ‘man’ come storming out and confronts you.
  • When he is done venting, go back to where he came from. There is a door open.
  • Enter the room. (This is the Communications room.)
  • Turn right and pick up the fire extinguisher.
  • Take a look in the mail center. (“That red tube looks familiar” says Manny.)
  • Check the door. It’s locked.
  • Go outside and check out the parade. (go back to the big double doors and exit)


  • Walk down the stairs, make a left, and head towards the clown in the distance.
  • Talk to the clown. He tells you he’s practicing.
  • #1 “Practicing what?”
  • #2 “Twist me up one of those fella?”
  • #3 “Bet you can’t do a cat?”
  • Get at least two worms, and a cat.
  • Get some bread from the tent next door.
  • Go back to the building.

Inside the building

  • Make a right once inside and enter the packaging room.
  • Use one balloon on the blue hose and the other on the red.
  • Go back to your office.
  • Go over to the mail tube.
  • Put one packing material filled balloon in the tube. (The balloon breaks and spills in to the comm room.)
  • Put the other balloon in now. (It will come shooting out a tube and mix with the material already in there. It expands to flood the room.)
  • Go back to the communications room.

Communications Room

  • The large purple guy is now repairing your handy work.
  • Walk over to the now open door
  • Look at the lock
  • Press ‘u’ to set the dead bolt and allow access later on.
  • Take a look at the maintenance guy..
  • #1 “So, your saying the server is down?”
  • #2 ” So how long is it going to be down?”
  • #3 “Or until no one is around to see you sneak out”
  • #4 “Can I squeeze in there?”
  • #5 “What’s so special about you?”
  • #6 “How’d you get in there.”
  • He ends the conversation.
  • Leave now. (Watch as the maintenance guy pulls some kind of card out of slot of the red mail tube.)
  • As soon as we leave, he does too.
  • Go back in.
  • Look at the red tube. (Remember the card he pulled out. )
  • Put a playing card in the slot. It gets sucked in unfortunately. (“To much air pressure” says Manny. This is a physics problem. If there are holes in the card, that might help.)

Eva’s desk

  • Go back to Eva’s desk and punch some holes in the card.
  • Back downstairs.

Communications Room

  • Put the card in the slot. Voila. You just got Dom’s messages and a new client, Mercedes (Meche) Colomar.

Following dialogue path:

  • #1 “The only implication here is that I’m fired”
  • #2 “Are you sure your Mercedes Colomar?”
  • #3 “Sure, where is it?”
  • #4 “Anything you haven’t told me about your past?”
  • #5 “Did you kill much while you were alive?”
  • #6 “Never killed anybody?”
  • #7 “Not even a teensy bit of killing?”
  • #8 “We’re you a big shoplifter?”
  • #9 “Mean to animals?”
  • #10 “Ever cheated on your taxes?”
  • #11 “Ever cheated on your husband?”
  • #12 “Litter?”
  • Go to Mr. Copal’s office.
  • Before we can even knock on the door, Copal comes charging out. (“Hey, funny bones. In my office, now!” he bellows.)
  • Cut scene (Manny gets chewed out by Copal)


    • You suddenly find yourself standing in Glottis’ workshop..
    • Look at the fil-a-dent machine.( I’m sure that will come in handy.)
    • Knock on the door. “Hey, anybody out there?”
    • A voice speaks to you. “So, Manuel. Have you thought about what you’ve done?”
    • #1 “Who’s out there?”
    • #2 “I’m thinking about getting out and getting even.”
    • #3 “The DOD runs a crooked game and I intend to prove it.”
    • #4 “I’m gonna blow the lid off this place.”

    Cut scene (Sal introduces the Lost Souls Alliance.)

    LSA Headquarters

    • Talk to Sal.
    • #1 OK, I’m in. What do I have to do?
    • #2 You want me to be your messenger? #3 If I grab some pigeons off the roof, will you let me go? #4 You’re keeping me here because you need eggs? #5 I’m off.
    • Talk to Eva.
    • #1 “You gotta get me out of town. They’re gonna sprout me” #2 “How does it do that? Fingerprints? I don’t have any” #3 “I thought it was just a power surge.”

    (Remember what she says about the teeth. We can now kill to birds with one stone, so to speak.)

    • Exit the LSA, through the open doorway.


    • Climb the rope again. (There is a large break in the ledge.)
    • Turn around and turn the corner.
    • Enter Dom’s office.

    Dom’s Office

    • Open the desk drawer.
    • Take the green grappling hook thing.
    • Gget that mouth piece.
    • Give the punching bag a few whacks and it will fall on the floor.
    • Pick it up.
    • Exit back out to the rope.


    • Pick up the dangling part of the rope.( Manny will roll it up.)
    • Drop it.
    • Take out the green thing and while looking at the rolled up rope press ‘u’.
    • He will now throw the rope and you can cross to the other side.
    • Climb the fire escape and find yourself on the roof.


    • Head towards the pigeons.
    • Notice the bowl like thing. Maybe we can entice the birds away from their eggs with some food.
    • Put the cat balloon in it.
    • Sprinkle the bread and look out, here come the pigeons.
    • When they get to the bottom of the bowl the balloon will pop scaring them all away.
    • Now head over to the eggs and grab a couple.
    • Go back to the L.S.A HQ

    L.S.A. HQ

    • Give the eggs to Sal.
    • Now you need to get Eva your teeth.
    • Go back to the workshop.


    • Put the mouth piece in the machine and it will fill with the gunk.
    • Put it in your mouth. (A perfect mold of your teeth.)
    • Take the mold back to Eva. (“You are a friend of the revolution. You will be going to Rubacava.”)

    Cutscene (Love is for the living)

    The Petrified Forest

  • Turn around and exit the screen.
  • Glottis is here crying over being fired. He irrationally rips his heart out and throws it over his shoulder. He quickly collapses.

Cut scene (Spiders descend on the heart)

Spider’s Lair

  • Go get his heart.
  • Head in the direction he threw it. You’ll find it stuck in a spider web.
  • Go to the pile of bones one the other side of the spider web.
  • Pick up as many bones as you can.
  • ·4 Toss one into the spider web.
  • Use your scythe on it. (It becomes a sling shot and shoots the heart out.)
  • Go back to Glottis and pick up the heart.
  • Use it on Glottis. (He is now revived.)

Cutscene (Don Copal is sprouted)

  • You are now in the bone wagon.
  • Get out and check out the directional sign.
  • Try to pick it up. It will spin around quickly.
  • Head toward the opening to the right.

Tree Farm

  • Look at the large mechanical tree
  • Look at the wheelbarrow full of rocks.
  • Look at the control panel.
  • Flip the switch.
  • Glottis will climb the tree.
  • While he’s up there flip the switch again.
  • Notice the four pumps on the tree.
  • The object is to get the two on the left in sync and the two on the right in sync with each other yet opposite the pumps on the other side of the tree.
  • Move the wheelbarrow over the tubes providing air.
  • Keep moving them until the pumps are in sync. (Use the second and fourth pumps)

Cutscene (Eagles on pogo stick)

  • Drive back to the sign post.
  • Run over it with the BW.
  • Get out and pick it up.
  • Walk to the clearing on the left. There are many openings leading no where.
  • Clearing
  • Plant the sign in the ground. It will spin.
  • Pick it up again and now put it in the spot it was pointing.
  • An opening will now appear in the ground.
  • Walk down.


  • There is a key hanging on the near side of the screen.
  • Go get it.
  • Shake the post and the key will fall.
  • Take the key.
  • Go off the upper right side of the screen

Beaver Dam

  • Try using the key on the padlock. It won’t let you open yet.
  • Head toward the door and open it.
  • Go inside, Glottis will try to stop you.

Inside the Beaver Dam

  • Go left through the opening.
  • Stand under the ledge.
  • Toss a bone into the lava river.
  • A beaver will jump in after it. As soon as you throw the bone pull out your fire extinguisher. When the beaver screams, fire the extinguisher and he’ll be ……Extinguished.
  • Do this three more times and the dam is now clear.
  • Go back to the padlock.
  • Try using the key on the gate now.”This outer gate is huge. I’ll need Glottis to open it.: Manny says.
  • You are now driving over the dam.

Cutscene (Manny and Glottis travel to Rubacava)


  • We now find ourselves in the foggy port town of Rubacava.
  • Climb up the stairway and head for the far side of the screen.
  • Enter the building.
  • Talk to the man, Mr Flores, who is mopping the floor..
  • #1 “Who are you looking for”
  • #2 “How do you know your wife hasn’t gone ahead of you?”
  • #3 “I’ll help you find your wife. What did she look like?”
  • #4 “So, know a good place to stay in town?”
  • #5 “Can you get me a job here?”
  • Go back outside and down the stairs.
  • At the bottom go to the left (Manny’s left). You fall off a cliff.

Cut scene (Manny falls into the Sea of Lament)

  • Dockmaster Velasco, saves you. He drags you back up to the base of the stairs. He goes down stairs to talk to Glottis.
  • Follow him.
  • Talk to Velasco.
  • Show him the picture of Mrs, Flores, that Mr. Flores gave you. “Ever seen this woman?”
  • He tells you that she has sailed away with another man.
  • He gives you his log book to prove it.
  • Go show this to Mr. Flores.

Cut scene


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