Footballizer – A Brand-new Football Game on the Web


Footballizer, a new football game with educational content has been launched and is available for free on the web.

Footballizer is a web-based simulation of the sport of football that enables you to play the game while controlling your player's career and club, as well as studying the foundations and regulations of the game.

Users can create their own player and football club, level up your player, and learn more football-related knowledge by playing the Footballizer game, all of which will help you become a better player in real life.

Here is the list of Footballer's key features:

  • Match Mode - Quick Match, VS Player and National Teams.
  • Training Mode - Penalty Kick, Dribbling, Stamina Booster, Vision Training, and Reactions.
  • Referee Mode - Referee storyline mode.
  • Academy - Articles and informative pieces of content all about football.

Footballizer has a variety of game modes that you may play to develop your player's abilities and strengthen your club while earning in-game coins that you can use to purchase goods for your player and club.

When levelling up, players can also move up the Footballizer World Ranking list and receive additional awards at the end of each season.

Footballizer is a web-based football title from from a UK-degree student, Schahryar Fekri who has created this football game as his final project for the Coventry University.

Footballizer game is available to play at


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