FIFA 20 Training Cards Explained

FIFA 20 Training Cards

As consumables, Training cards are available for players and goalkeepers in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode. These cards will allow you to increase a player's or a goalkeeper's attributes for the next match they are going to play.

Training Cards are available as Player Training and Goalkeeper Training cards in EA Sports FIFA 20 video-game. As the titles say, Player training cards can be applied to only to players and Goalkeeper training cards can be applied only to goalies. These cards are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze qualities and they can increase the PAC, SHO, PAS, DRI, DEF, PHY attributes individually or all them. You can see the card types and the value rates below:

Player Training Cards

FIFA 20 Player Training Cards

Goalkeeper Training Cards

FIFA 20 Player Training Cards

Training Cards price ranges can go from 150 to 5,000 coins in the Transfer Market.

Check out the full detail at FIFPlay's FIFA 20 Training Cards page.


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