Evil Genius 2: World Domination – Tips

Evil Genius 2 Tips and Tricks

In the foreboding world of Evil Genius 2, your merciless prowess and astute plans are only limited by your malicious imagination. However, any nasty tyrant could use some direction now and then. We have created a list of tips and tactics to help you conquer the globe quickly and stylishly.

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Master the Art of Base Building

In Evil Genius 2, your lair is your stronghold. Its design directly affects your operations, influencing everything from the morale and productivity of your minions to your defence against pesky agents. Remember these key points


The less time your minions spend walking between rooms, the more time they'll have for training, research, and other tasks. Design your base layout to minimize travel times.


Make sure to include traps in your base design. Build corridors that lead intruding agents into deadly mazes and ambush points. Layering traps can lead to spectacular and efficient takedowns.


Building too quickly can drain your funds. Yet, if you don't expand, you'll soon run out of room for necessary facilities. The key is to balance growth and conservation, expanding when it makes strategic sense.

Optimize Minion Management

Your minions are the foundation of your operation. Knowing how to manage them efficiently can make or break your quest for world dominance.


Make sure you have a diverse range of minion kinds. Security is provided by muscle minions, research is driven by scientific minions, and deception minions keep investigators at bay.


Maintain your minions' skills by training them. To avoid bottlenecks in your minion production line, make enough training equipment for each minion kind. Morale, Health, and Smarts

Morale, health, and intelligence are all important indicators for your team. These statistics are helped by the construction of infirmaries, mess halls, and staff rooms. Low morale can lead to desertion, while poor health and intelligence can lead to minion deaths.

Evil Genius 2 Gameplay

Effective World Stage Management

Your playground for notoriety is the World Stage. It's where you'll carry out plots, amass resources, and battle the Forces of Justice.

Heat Management

As you carry out plots, heat builds up, attracting the attention of the Forces of Justice. To manage heat, you can implement methods to lower it, take a break, or invest in upgrades that slow heat accumulation.

Schemes to Consider

Schemes provide resources, but at a cost. Before beginning a plan, weigh the cost-benefit ratio, taking into account the rewards, heat created, and minion requirement.

Choose Your Genius Wisely

Each evil genius comes with unique abilities and perks that can significantly affect your gameplay. Maximize these unique traits and align your strategy to your Genius' strengths.

Experiment with Henchmen

Henchmen are your unique and powerful allies in your quest for global control. Each one has unique abilities that can turn the tide in your favour. Don't stick to one or two favourites. Instead, try different combinations to find out which henchman's abilities synergize best with your current strategy.

Intruder Control

The way you deal with intruders can have a big impact on the security of your hideaway. Distract, capture, and kill are the three main possibilities. Each option has a purpose.


Useful for low-level investigators who do not pose a serious threat. They will be kept away from sensitive places by your deception minions.


When you need to reduce the heat or when a super agent is involved, this tool comes in handy. Captured agents can be interrogated for useful information.


As a final resort, use this option. Killing an agent raises the temperature, yet it is occasionally necessary when your lair is under attack.

Leverage Your Genius Abilities

Your Genius' abilities are not just for show. They're powerful tools that can greatly aid your plans when used correctly. Remember to leverage these abilities, especially during crucial moments or challenging engagements.

Using these tips and tricks, you should be able to achieve world dominance. Remember that a wicked genius is constantly learning and adapting. Don't be scared to change your tactics as you go.


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